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The international course of studies "Engineering Physics" is offered as a joint project by the University of Applied Sciences Emden and the University of Oldenburg. This programme offers an education geared towards the practical aspects of one of the following three fields: Sound & Vibration, Laser Technology, and Biomedical Physics which will be supported by a solid training in natural sciences. These fields were chosen because of their importance for many areas of industry and technology, thereby giving the graduates easy access to tomorrow's High-Tech job market.


What is done in this Programme?

Every winter semester (application deadline is September 15th) about 40 students are accepted, of whom about 20 come from countries other than Germany. The lectures in the first two semesters are conducted in English and partly in German from then on. German language classes are part of the programme. In the first four semesters, a fundamental education in Physics, Math and Engineering lays the foundation for a solid understanding of modern science and technology, enabling the student to cope with and be at the head of new developments in a life-long learning process. Computer science and the usage of the computer in Science as well as engineering and design will always be kept in sight. This basic stage of studies is rounded out by language courses.

The next semester (5th semester) students study at a foreign partner university, where they are introduced to their field of specialization. Current choices of foreign universities are: DTU Lyngby (DK), University of Southampton (UK), JATE University Szeged (HU), and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL). However, studies at other universities can also be arranged for. In the following semesters, the topics of the basic studies are expanded, dealt with in more detail, and supplemented by topics from the chosen field of specialization. The first graduation certificate is the Bachelor of Engineering which is obtained after the first six semesters.

Higher qualification is obtained in the graduate programme, which includes further physical topics and a more advanced treatment of the field of specialization, as well as projects which teach students how to lead research groups and handle leadership positions. For those students desiring to obtain the Master of Engineering graduation certificate, the course of study is completed by a Master thesis in the eighth semester. This presents an excellent opportunity to establish contacts, as this thesis can be done in industry or at an external research institute.

Students obtaining the Master of Science certificate take part in further courses at the graduate level, as well as an extensive Master Thesis during the ninth and tenth semesters. This graduation certificate also makes it possible to pursue postgraduate studies leading to a Doctorate degree.

One special aspect of this programme is the so-called Laboratory Project. Starting in the second semester, the students work with their peers from higher semesters on projects designed to mirror the research, design and manufacturing done in industry. Students are responsible for the management of the project as well as the completion of individual tasks.


What kind of people is this course of study aimed at?

All those, who seek a programme with international connections, who would like to work with people from all over the world already at the undergraduate level, who want an education that leads to many quality positions in industry and who enjoy technical applications in connection with the physical and mathematical foundations, are in the right place here.



Bernhard Schwarz-Roehr

Phone: 0441 - 798 3560

Fax:      0441 - 798 3698

E-mail: master@aku.physik.uni-oldenburg.de

URL:    http://www.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/EP



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