CRISP '97, Cooperative Research Information Systems in Physics

CRISP '97: Invited Speakers

A. DixonInstitute of Physics Publishing, UK
Title:Distributed Publishing: A win-win situation for content providers?
T.A. FinholtUniversity of Michigan, U.S.A.
Title:Collaboratory life: Observations on scientific work via the Internet
R.A. KellyThe Americal Physical Society, U.S.A.
Title:E-First (Publish when ready)
J. Kircz,Elsevier Science, The Netherlands
Title:Modulatity as an IntrinsicCharacteristic of Information in an Electronic Environment
S. LundbergNetlab, Lund University, Sweden
Title:On Spiders, their Webs and the Structure of Human Knowledge
P. Murray-RustUniversity of Nottingham, UK
Title:Java and XML - New technologies for Managing Scientific information
H. RoosendaalElsevier Science, Strategic Planning, Amsterdam
Title:How virtual is scientific publishing?
H. SchweppeFreie Universität Berlin, Germany
Title:Digital Libraries -- Functionality and Technologies
B.J. WhitakerSchool of Chemistry, University of Leeds, UK
Title:Paradigms for electronic journals: the lessons of the CLIC project
J. Zinn-JustinSaclay, France
Title:Peer review and electronic publishing