CRISP '97, Cooperative Research Information Systems in Physics

CRISP '97: Registration & Financial Support


Registration is simple, just copy the below 'form', fill it in, and email it to us (Thomas Severiens). Should you have any questions concerning the meeting, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Workstations (IBM 6000), beamers, etc., and Internet access are of course available. If you need computer, or other equipment for your presentation, please indicate that when you register.

   1. Name (surname, first name):
   2. Title (Mr,Ms,Dr,Grad student...):
   3. Institution:	
   4. Country:
   5. I'll attend from: Aug. 31 (Sun)  to:   Sept. 4 (Thu)
   6. Do you wish to give a presentation (yes/no):
	6a) The title:
	6b) Do you prefer a poster or a talk:
	6c) Do you need any computer, or other equipment:

   7. Number of accompanying persons:
   8. Reserve me a double/single room at:
	8a) Number of nights:
   9. Do you wish to apply for travel support:


Important Dates:

Travel Support:

The organizers have applied for financial support from: We will most probably be able to provide some travel support for students, and participants who otherwise could not attend the meeting.

If you wish to apply for travel support, please mail us, or/and, indicate that in the registration form.